The Toolbar is a dockable user interface for One Integrate. It allows many of the core features to be accessed plus it provides a range of Call Centre Agent features.

The features available with the toolbar are controlled by BroadWorks service assigned to the user and the license type.

This is presented in smaller dockable format.

User with BroadWorks Call Centre*

Toolbar with agent features

User without BroadWorks Call Centre*

Toolbar without agent features

*Also requires One Integrate license (license features available with One Integrate Lite)


CRM Integration

The left hand side of the toolbar provides the CRM integration features Caller Preview and Contact Popping as well as extension / group / queue name.

CRM integration

Call Disposition

This allows a call disposition code to be set while the Agent is either in a queue call or in wrap up state.

The disposition codes shown are as configured in BroadWorks.



Call Control

This provides standard Call Control features.

Call Control features such as pick up will only show if the service is available to the user.

Please note: Conference is not available from the toolbar.

Call control

Outgoing As

Related topic:Outgoing As

This is a copy of the feature that has been available from Call Settings within One Integrate for some time.

It has been raised to the Toolbar to improve its accessibility.

It allows the agent to select the outgoing DNIS presented to the called party either manually by selecting a number from a drop down list or allowing One Integrate to decide based on the closest geographic match to the number being dialed.

This feature requires the BroadWorks Premium Call Centre DNIS service.

Outgoing as

Agent Availability selection

This allows an agent to quickly and easily select their availibility status.

Custom Unavailable codes as declared in the BroadWorks configuration are also shown.

Agent Availability


Clicking the assistance key while in a call will escalate the call to the supervisors defined in BroadWorks.

This action simply sends the #83 feature code.

Agent Availability

Queue management and information

Clicking the Queues option expands the Toolbar to show information about the queues that the Agent is a member of.

It also allows the Agent to join and un-join queues.

Queue Management


The queue statistics will show the number of agents joined to a queue and number available to take a call. Wait time is the expected wait time for queued callers. This statistic is provided directly from the BroadWorks platform.

Docking and positioning

The Toolbar can be docked to the top or bottom of the screen (Windows 8 and 10 only) or moved or closed using the controls shown.

Docking and Positioning

The "X" closes the Toolbar.

The 4 way arrow docks and undocks the Toolbar

The patterned rectangle is the grip box. Using "click and hold" This can be used to move the Toolbar around the screen when undocked.

Features available by Call Centre type

Feature/Call Centre type Basic Standard Premium
Disposition codes No No Yes
Outgoing As No No Yes
Availability No Yes Yes
Join queue Yes Yes Yes
Queue stats No Yes Yes

Feature visibility

Some Toolbar features will either be grayed out or not shown dependant on (1) the One Integrate license type assigned, (2) the BroadWorks services assigned to the user and (3) the queue type associated with the active call.

Protocol support

Toolbar agent features are available with XSI over both HTTP/S and CTI protocols. They are not available when using One Integrate in UC-One mode where it connects directly to UC-One as an API extension.

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